What I Do

projects I'd like to share

  • I propose a technique of analyzing and organizing clouds of motion capture markers in Maya with Python.
    Motion Capture Error Analysis
  • I accelerate a model of synaptic plasticity outlined by Morrison et. al. using MPI. Written in C.
    MPI Accelerated Neural Network
  • A beginner's guide to building custom mentalray shaders in Autodesk Maya using C++.
    Custom Shaders in mentalray
  • A summary of the work I did for Professor Margrit Betke in her study of the Brazillian free-tailed bat.
    Researching tadarida Brasliensis
  • A (rather pedantic) guide to compiling NEMO5 on a Linux system using GNU and Intel (MKL) libraries.
    Compiling NEMO5 from source
  • Solving Poisson's equation via relaxation on an Android using the NDK and OpenMP.
    OpenMP Relaxation on Android
  • Simulating a double pendulum in Maya using RK4. Scripted in Python.
    Double Pendulum
  • Comparison of Conjugate Gradient runtimes using MKL and clBlas.
    Conjugate Gradient: MKL vs clBLAS
  • I'm too ashamed to share any of my writing! :(

Who I Am

Hello there! My name is John, and I'm a college student from Boston studying Physics and Computer Science. I love finding new ways to apply my skills in math and programming, and I'm very interested in the intersection of art and science. The name of this website is a stupid play on the color model used in your computer monitor, additive RGB.

I'm particularly interested in Computer Graphics and High-Performance Computing, but I'm also a huge fan of film and storytelling in general. My dream is to combine these two passions by working in either Computer Animation or Game Design.

As of now I'm enjoying the various disciplines in need of skills like mine, and I constantly leave my comfort zone for something new. I love working with computers both large and small, and I hope to put this to use in an intriguing and engaging arena.

To those interested, I have a more formal resume available here:


John Joseph